Things you want to know

How often are you paid?
Depending on your contact ACTTECH will pay you 2 weeks arrears. This means after you start your contract you will be paid after 3 weeks of work and you will receive one weeks pay. From then on each fortnight you will be paid 2 weeks arrears. Monthly payment is generally more common however we can work out a solution to suit you.

Service fee
Unlike a lot of Companies ACTTECH does not charge a percentage of your rate as a fee. ACTTECH will charge you a flat admin fee.

Pay Structure
ACTTECH can offer you a wide range of different options for payment of wages. You can choose to have a structure which can budget for sick days and holidays if you wish. You may also wish to salary sacrifice things like a laptop or car. More details can be provided upon request.

Business Cards, Shirts and Cap
ACTTECH will supply you business cards (for 12 month contracts) or as deemed necessary to enhance your professional image and that of the Company. You will also be provided with a Company long and short sleeve shirt as well as a cap.

We go out for lunch with our employees every couple months. Twice a year we go out for dinner and take our spouses, we do that at the end of the financial year and at Christmas.

Things you need to know

ACTTECH recommends that you as a Contractor take out Income Protection Insurance.

You need to have a Personal Superannuation Fund.

Restriction of Trade
ACTTECH will not try to enforce any restriction of trade. After the Term of your Contract period has expired and if you wish to go through another company you are under no obligation to stay with ACTTECH.

Continuing Employment
The Company reserves the right not to renew a Contract or Work Order under your name. In the case that ACTTECH will not renew a Contract or Work Order under your name you will be provided a minimum of 14 days notice before the end of the Term of the Contract or Work Order.

Contact Information
P.O. Box 300 Erindale Centre
ACT 2903